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 Motions to Modify

St. Louis Modification Lawyers

The main reason why people need to modify their divorces is because of a substantial change in their life. Some life-changing events that commonly occur are loss of job, relocation, health issues, or retirement. After a major life-changing event, talking to an attorney as soon as possible allows you to explore your options for modifying your divorce decree..

Modifying the Terms of Your Divorce Decree

The most common types of modifications that clients seek are visitation, custody, child support, or spousal support / maintenance. At our firm, we have extensive experience with modifications and helping our clients understand the process for child custody modifications. Attorney Joan Coulter has a masters degree in Education, which is a valuable asset in understanding how modifications impact the children of our clients.
Our clients often have many questions and concerns regarding modifying the terms of their divorce. Parents are concerned with the welfare of their children and want to ensure that the custody arrangement are appropriate for their family. Concerns that are often expressed involve the fitness of the other parent to care for the child as well as the amount of time the other parent is willing to commit to raising the child.

Modification and Spousal Support

Change in custody can also impact spousal maintenance. We work with our clients to help them understand how these changes can affect the amount of spousal maintenance that may be ordered by the court. At our firm, we take a client-centered approach to legal representation and work directly with them tho help resolve their issues. We know this can be a stressful time and believe strongly that providing a high-level of personal attention to our clients can make this process easier for them.

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If you are seeking a modification to the terms of your divorce or paternity action, please contact our firm to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation.

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