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Divorce - Dissolution of Marriage

Divorce, called Dissolution of Marriage, can be a very stressful life event in many peoples' lives. The Coulter Law Firm, LLC mitigates this stress by bringing their unique approach to representing those facing a divorce.  Our knowledgeable practitioners have experience navigating the judicial system.  They understand the myriad of factors that can affect your case.  Having a knowledgeable divorce attorney advocating for your rights can make a significant difference by protecting your assets, custody rights, and future earnings.  Our skilled professional staff prides itself on understanding their client's particular situation and creating a customized approach to best advocate for their rights while being compassionate during this difficult transitional period.

There are so many major issues for a client to consider:

  • How will custody be determined?
  • How is child support calculated?
  • What will happen to the house?
  • What will happen to our property?
  • What about personal property?
  • What happens to our retirement savings?
  • And many more…

All clients deserve competent, compassionate legal representation during the divorce process.  The goal of The Coulter Law Firm, LLC is to provide this service in a personalized manner.  We are aware that each divorce client’s needs are unique and we are committed to representing our clients the way that best suits their situation. 

Our clients are not just nameless files in our office but a family who deserves an experienced, trustworthy attorney.  Our goal is to partner with our clients to achieve the best outcome for them and for their family.

Call today to schedule an initial consultation.  Get the answers to these questions and more.

"Going through a divorce can be emotionally difficult and overwhelming - I understand that.  It is important to think about this process not as an ending, but as a new beginning.  This opens a door of opportunity for you to rebuild and move toward the next phase of your lives.  As your attorney, I am here to help you navigate through the legal steps involved and to support the best interest of your family   I will be your personal advocate." - Attorney Joan A. Coulter